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Ford The Rio Grande and Ride a Burro into Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico!

Epic Family Fun on The Border by Josh Holloway

We stood there, my wife Heidi, our 3 young sons, and I, in front of a camera a few hundred yards from Mexico, attempting to re-enter the United States. Heidi looked puzzled, holding the handset to her ear at the U.S. border entry point in Big Bend, National Park. A Customs and Immigration agent was on the other end of the line, over 300 miles away, in El Paso. “What’s the look about,” I wondered.
Mexico was an opportunity that popped out of the desert expanse, as our family of five circumnavigated the U.S. by minivan. We were obtaining our backcountry camping permit, and debating the 4X4 capabilities of our Honda Odyssey with the Big Bend park ranger, when Heidi spotted Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico, just across the Rio Grande on the park map. “Can we just go there?” she inquired. “Well, the border’ll be open till five o’clock. Once it closes it’s closed until Wednesday,” the ranger responded. Okay, so today was Sunday, meaning don’t dance the S…